After getting over the first little detail of having a website, here we are writing the first post. I wanted to believe that writing wasn’t as difficult as it seemed, but here comes reality to smash our faces again. So I will try to be brief.

Well, the first and most important disclaimer before going into about the whys of this blog is that everything I’m going to write here is just my experience, my learning and opinions. And don’t forget that opinions are like farts: everyone farts, everyone likes their own, but other’s farts are usually unpleasant.

The first objective that I want to hit, is to improve my knowledge retention. Over the last years, I’ve read a lot of books but nowadays I can only retain a few core ideas and sometimes others just ring a bell and I have to look them up. In contrast, I’ve noticed that I’ve internalized better coding techniques like refactoring or TDD because I practiced them, again and again. So I’m going to try summarizing each book in order to retain the core information. Probably I will read fewer books, but let’s see if I have a higher ROI on my time.

The second is maybe helping another lost traveller like me. This road is long, not always easy and certainly not clear. Probably, I will not share useful learnings for everyone (nor do I aim to) but maybe someone who’s some steps behind could find something useful. If you find something helpful here don’t forget to share with others what you have learned (the knowledge, not my blog).

The last reason to write this blog is to improve my English, so I hope will have enough energy to write some posts in English.

Hope you find something useful every once in a while. And don’t hesitate to share your opinion!

PS: Kudos to Anna and Em for helping me with my English