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Hi, I am Pau Trepat

Pau Trepat

Software Crafter at Lifull Connect

I am a passionate software crafter with experience in backend and bigdata. Over the last few years, I adopted different roles to bring value where the company needed it. At each change I have tried to take care of two very important things to me: learn and make an impact.

Due to the apprenticeship program, I rediscovered how I love to teach and help others to growth so I’m focusing to get more knowledge and learn how to transfer it.

Agile Development
Team work
Critical thinking


Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

I’ve worked mainly on AWS using its services for big data purposes. Also, I’ve used some GCP tools but just to integrate with them.


Mostly I use docker to reproduce local environments and to avoid that have to install build tools on every machine.


Main operating system for development. Capable of writing bash/shell scripts to automate tasks.


Experienced in git based development using Github (for personal projects) and Gitlab (for work). I prepared and trainned workmates to migrate from Subversion to Git.


The main language for professional and own development. Capable of writing scalable, testable, and maintainable programs. I worked with most popular frameworks to apply IoC and develop an HTTP API.


I’ve learned this language two years ago to write Spark software and was my first heavy contact with functional programming. Currently learning it yet.


I’ve used this language for some professional projects when the organization required help in them. I can write testable and maintainable programs.


Since I discovered it in 2014 (and had a mind blown) I’ve tried to apply and refine it at every opportunity along with refactoring.

Software Design
Software Design

I read about OOP, software patterns and architecture. I get the best learnings by doing and iterating, like design itself.


Lifull Connect
Jun 2018 - Present, Barcelona

Software developer
Apr 2020 - Present
  • Develop new feautres and manteinence of Trovit’s web and notifications ecosystem
  • Apply patterns and techniques in order to control and strangle legacy platform
Apprenticeship program responsible
Oct 2019 - Apr 2020
  • Link with external providers and attend their needs and requests
  • Recruit apprentices for the second edition (from contacting them to their’s review)
  • Teach apprentices about Java syntax, TDD, SOLID, OOP, design patterns and software development principles.
  • Track their progress and help them to improve with reading recommendations or pair programming
  • Design of two technical challenge to check what they’ve learned
  • Since February I was working on a similar initiative related to big data profiles. Due to the COVID-19 context was canceled.
Software developer
May 2019 - Oct 2019
  • Sporadically support data-related business needs
  • Develop new features and maintenance of Trovit’s web and notifications ecosystem
  • Explore ways to rewrite the current web such as apply the strangler pattern
Data engineer
Jun 2018 - Apr 2019
  • Dockerize tools to ease its usage to big data developers
  • Rewrite, fix and develop new features of notifications pipeline (browser, apps and email)
  • Develop a MVP to limit mail sending in order to protect it’s value
Grupo Godó de Comunicación
Mar 2016 - Jun 2018, Barcelona

Data engineer
Jan 2017 - Jun 2018
  • Business data analysis using Apache Spark and AWS.
  • Design and build a (big) data platform to centralize and organize the company’s data in order to extract information to made strategic decisions
  • Design, plan and execute the phases of the data flow using AWS and Terraform
  • Develop custom tools to ingest, filter and format data
  • Business data analysis using Apache Spark (Java 8) on EMR, S3, DynamoDB, and RDS. Also, in some cases, we also used Athena and Glue.
  • Spike and exploration of some technologies like Apache NiFi, Airflow, and Rhino
Junior Software engineer
Mar 2016 - Jan 2017
  • Backend development using Spring Framework
  • Develop and deploy a real-time poll system
  • Warm caches using Aspect Oriented Programming
Engineering Internship
inLab FIB
Oct 2014 - Jan 2016, Barcelona

It was my first contact with ideas that nowadays I consider essential for software development. Agile practices and values; techniques such as TDD and continuous integration; and a shallow understanding of what is value.
Also, we had to deal with the technical debt that we generated at the early stages. Due to this experience, I started to take consciousness of it and to learn about how to avoid, control or reduce it.

  • Develop the mobile apps (Bynapp and Gerapp) using Apache Phonegap
  • Develop the API REST (till 2n level) using Laravel
  • Participate in the whole life cycle. From Scrum planning to deploy the mobile apps and the backend
  • Share knowledge through internal team trainning sessions
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